A glimmer of hope comes out of Herefordshire. Two market day bus services have been saved. The 405 Ledbury to Hereford via Bromyard and Pencombe and the 498 Bucknell to Hereford via Leintwardine were both on the danger list. Both have been reprieved and new contracts put in place. As in the past the stalwarts of RBfH have been out on the buses informing passengers of the threat and inviting them to contact their local councillors. Interestingly both services did not make the council subsidy per passenger criteria despite returning good loadings. These two services are amongst a dwindling number of market day services with a long social history in rural Herefordshire.

Other good news is the 39A Hay-Ho! Sunday bus is secure for another year and so is the 413 Hereford to Broad Oak via Garway service for two years. Both serve remote settlements in the south of the county.