What visitors and new arrivals to Hereford find as they leave our wonderful station entrance, which is a grade 2 listed example of Victorian grandeur, has become a matter of national shame, with several national bodies calling attention to the folly that blights an otherwise wonderful example of Victoriana. Equally, difficulties arise when approaching the station to leave the city.

A new short video report has now been released which is narrated by Gareth Calan Davies (of Rail & Bus for Herefordshire).

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Hereford Sustainable Transport Group (HSTG) is a coalition of Rail & Bus for Herefordshire and Herefordshire Transport Alliance.

Professionals from within and beyond these organisations are driving HSTG’s plans for better transport in Herefordshire, which seek to take advantage of current UK government initiatives such as the Low Emission Bus Fund, Better Bus Areas, Sustainable Transport Fund and support from the Local Enterprise Partnership. Major sources of international and private sector finance for environmental transport initiatives are also being investigated.

For further information on HSTG and its work and objectives please contact Gareth Calan Davies on [email protected]