Updating the website has suffered a long delay due to a serious illness which put me out of action for the first three months of 2019. This was followed by the important task of catching up on the outstanding work of our own publishing, art and exhibition business (GHAL Productions) – quite a mammoth task fulfilling outstanding book and artwork order. Thankfully, most clients are understanding.

So hopefully we are now back on course. During the first half of the year much has happened in the world of transport on which I shall be reporting over the next few weeks. In the meantime there has been some changes to the RBfH committee, detailed as follows.

Will Frecknall is now the chairman and head of the buses sub-committee. I remain as newsletter editor and membership custodian for the present. Peter Gwatkin continues as our very capable treasurer. Sue Warren has had to stand down for domestic reasons but Naomi Bell has stepped in as meetings publicity secretary working with Will. Michael Sullivan, Philip Baeur and John Thorne remain as committee members. There remains room for some additional committee members and we welcome anyone who may be interested in joining us.

Gareth Calan Davies