The HTP is considered a flawed and unbalanced plan because:

A.        There is an over emphasis on the bypass which is contrary to Local Transport Plan visions and policies of:

1. To enable economic growth.

2. To provide a good quality transport network for all.

3. To promote healthy lifestyles.

4. To make journeys safer, easier and healthier.

5. To ensure access to all services for those living in rural areas.

B.        There is a lack of information and detail on how Hereford’s internal transport network is to be improved upon completion of the bypass.

C.        The dismissal of public transport as an integral part of Hereford city’s economic and social development is unacceptable. The Hereford Council and Balfour Beatty argument that improvements to public transport cannot be made until a bypass is built is considered spurious, misleading and opposite to the Council’s LTP. A plan for improvement to the city bus network should be included now in the Hereford Transport Package

D.        There is no information on how the Hereford City bus network is to be improved with better frequencies, bus priority, passenger information and waiting facilities and the introduction of low emission and/or electric buses in line with central government policy.

E.        There is total disregard of rail services as an integral part of the need to improve connectivity for Hereford within the West Midlands region.