The latest phasing report on HS2 deals with Crewe station where capacity problems are foreseen when HS2 comes whizzing in. The DfT report states:

The Phase 2a high speed line connects to the WCML south of Crewe via two spur lines. Some modifications will be required to the existing railway infrastructure in the Crewe area to facilitate the proposed service pattern for Phase 2a for 2027.

Amongst these modifications there is to be ‘A new platform at Crewe station on the Manchester Independent lines currently used for freight. This could allow passenger services, such as the current Cardiff-Manchester service, to approach from the west of Crewe and leave to the east without needing to cross all of the existing lines through the station at grade.’

The plan in the report shows the new island platform connected to the main Crewe station by a long footbridge with lifts. Whilst it can be argued that there is some benefit in so far as delays to Marches line trains may be reduced as a result of this move, there is clearly a disbenefit to passengers changing at Crewe as a result of the inclusion of a lengthy perambulation to reach the main platforms.

Cardiff-Manchester Trains to be Shunted onto Freight Lines  to make way for HS2

Or is this yet another example of Britain’s brave new railway of Class I super trains, Class II Intercity trains and Class III peripheral railway trains!!